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Gems Found In Michigan

Michigan Emeralds and Large Garnets 

   There are emeralds in Michigan. Even though the colors of these emeralds are usually light they can still come in dark green to dark blue green. Theses emeralds are found in an old iron mine in Marquette County. If there was a myth of finding theses gems in Michigan, it is no longer a myth. They are very hard to find in the old iron mines I would have to believe that there could be out crops of these emeralds if one could find a better pegmatite system in this area. These pegmatites are there but most of them are covered with glacier sands. For the people who are looking for these gems it will be a hard and long journey but that half the fun. From Marquette County all the way south to Dickerson County is a good place to start looking for theses' elusive emeralds. Who knows maybe you will get extremely lucky and find rubies, if you are finding emeralds you are findings chrome deposits and where there is chrome there can be rubies.



Chlorastrolite is Michigan's state gem. Mainly found along the beaches of the Great Lakes and in Isle Royale National Park. These stones are most commonly pebble-sized bluish-green in color with a star pattern of crystals that resemble a turtle's shell, most commonly  called greenstone,  a variety of the mineral pumpellyite. Chlorastrolite pebbles often contain other minerals that give them color variations, such as the pinkish hues of thomsonite.


Agate is a variety of quartz gem found on almost any beach in Michigan, but mostly along the shores of lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula. They vary in color but their defining feature is their concentric banding. 


Hematite is an iron ore that is black or rusty reddish black in its raw form but often a shiny black in its polished gemstone form. You can find these  stones in old mining dumps in Michigan, and they also can be found along the shores of Lake Superior. 


Jaspilite is a banded iron formation also known as banded ironstone. It occurs in the knolls between the cities of Negaunee and Ishpeming in the Upper Peninsula, predominantly on a hill called Jasper Hill. Jaspilite stones, consisting of alternating bands of light red jasper and hematite, represent some of the oldest rock formations in existence. They were created when banded layers of iron were common in Earth's crust, over 3,500 million years ago.

Agate Beeches Upper Peninsula

The Best Central UP Rock Picking Beaches      Although the shoreline from Whitefish Point heading west to Grand Marais offers some of the best agate finding opportunities around Lake Superior. These are  some of the most accessible beaches, but are the most hunted.  You'll have better chances by driving  many miles down the back roads and some hiking. There are many isolated beaches that produce fine specimens.

Lake Superior State Forest Beach

From Grand Marais, go east on Highway H58 about 10-12 miles.  The beach can be accessed from the campground and further down the road (H58) you'll find several parking areas not far from the beach. Nice specimens can be found here. If  you can continue driving east you'll reach 

 Muskallonge  State Park.

Muskallonge State Park Beach, Deer Park

There's at least 3 miles of accessible beach but is very remote. From Grand Marais, you'll have to retrace your path 25 miles back to Newberry.

Whitefish Point Beach

You'll need to walk several hundred yards west of the Lighthouse to run into some good rock picking territory. You can even drive along West Wild Cat Road to access some good rock beaches even further west of the point. 

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  • Mineral Museum of Michigan (Houghton)  The museum is located on the fifth floor of the Electrical Energy Resources Center,  (Open Mon-Fri, 9am to 4:30 pm, Sat from 12 noon to 4pm July to October. Longer hours during the winter. Phone 906-487-2572; fax 906-487-2949). The museum has the world's finest display of minerals from the Lake Superior Copper District.

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  • World Of Rocks; Provides quality products from the earth and artists. 32 N. Huron Ypsilanti, Mi.. Minerals-Fossils-Jewelry. (734) 481-9981.  http://www.worldofrocks.com  

  • Prospectors  Paradise; If you want a rock, you will find it here. Huge selection of many types of rocks. Especially copper.  Very knowledgeable staff! 59691 US Highway 41, Allouez, Mi.49805-6802. ! 906-337-6889.  prospectors paradise. http://prospectorsparadise.com